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Camping is one of the best ways to leave the busy world behind to re-connect with nature and spend quality time with family. Many places offer swimming, fishing, go for a hike or just relax. After a fun day, don’t forget the popular S-mores over your fire pit, while you look up to gaze at the stars!

The great thing about camping is, you don’t need a lot of money to get started. You can go as rustic or elaborate as you want! The choice is all up to you!

Many products are out there to make your camping experience easier and fun.

Its all up to you, so go out there and make wonderful memories!!!!!

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Fun Camping Games to play with little or no money! 1)    Squirt Gun Races To play this game, make a line of empty plastic cups along the edge of a picnic table. Fill a squirt gun with water. On GO, squirt the cups until they fall off. You can play with multiple players and see who can knock off the most cups or you can time each player who can clear the table the fastest or both. 2) Nature Scavenger Hunt Create a list of objects to find in nature. Ideas can be butterflies, clover, interesting shape rock, ladybug, Shells, and so on. Choose 10-15 items to look for. 3)Flashlight Tag. This is a fun game to play when it gets dark, Give the tagger a flashlight and play tag like you normally would except the tagger uses the flashlight to “tag” people. Once a player is hit with the light they are out and play continues until everyone is out or the player who was “tagged” now becomes the tagger. 4)Water Relay A fun game for a hot day. Each person will need a drinking cup. Players stand in line, single file. The person at the front of the line has a full cup of water, all the other cups are empty. The first person dumps his water over his head into the next persons cup, with out looking or turning around. The person behind tries to catch as much water in his cup. Play continues down the line. The last player can race to the front of the line to continue. 5)   Hiking Stick Limbo Find the perfect stick and start to limbo. Music can help with some great moves. 6)    Glow Stick Ring Toss Give each player 3-5 glow sticks put them in a circle. Dig a stick in the dirt. Take turns trying to throw your glow stick over the stick. Most glowsticks Wins! 7)    Air Pong Divide player into two groups. Each group stands on opposite sides of the picnic table, hands behind their backs. A styrofoam cup or ping pong ball is placed in the center of the table. On GO teams try to blow off the opposites team side of the table. 8)    Camping Alphabet Hunt Working together as a family, try to name an object in the campsite that starts with each letter of the alphabet. 9)  Story Time Create a story by choosing one player to begin. This player says a few lines of a make believe story. Play proceeds with each family member adding a few more lines to continue the story. The funnier or absurd the better.

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